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8 useful tools for UI/UX designers 2021

As a specialist digital recruitment agency, we’re always trying to create content we feel our candidates are clients would be interested in. As a result of this, we’ve compiled a quick list of 10 useful tools that current UI and UX designers are already using based on what our candidates are using as of 2021.


If you’re experienced with creating apps or software, you’ll have heard of InVision. InVision gives UI designers the design tools to create visual and functioning prototypes, complete with design elements, animations and movement. 

InVision is packed with features, and makes it easy to use for even for beginner UI designers, including fantastic collaboration features allowing developers share their work, receive feedback and implement documented changes. 

We’d highly recommend InVision to any UI designer, from beginner designer through to the most experienced – if you have any design experience at all, you’re able to jump on InVision and start building functional prototypes with ease.

InVision is widely used by digital agencies across the UK.

Pro $7.95 per user per month (or £5.81 if you’re from the UK like us)

First Look at InVision: Studio.. Is it worth the wait? | by Ardiyansyah  Suherman | Taralite Design | Medium

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Every UI designer should know about or have used Sketch.

Sketch allows designers to make consistent prototypes and removes the need for tedious work, allowing designers to get straight into creating great designs and prototypes. Sketch takes customisation to another level, allowing users to make universal changes across the platform, from customising symbols, layer stylers, or text styles, through to smooth resizing and alignment features. 

What’s more? There’s a number of great third-party plugins that can enhance a designers experience – there’s no shortage of resources, tutorials or plugins with Sketch. 

$99 per year for an individual licence.
$9 per seat per month for teams.

Sketch – the complete UX design tool.

Use to create prototypes that feel real. This is a similar application to InVision, which allows designers to quickly create functioning prototypes and collaborate with developers, project managers and more. 

With this platform you can also use some of the more well-known testing products such as Lookback, Userlytics, and Validately. 

Freelancer – $29/mo – 1 user
Startup – $49/mo – 2 users
Agency – $99/mo – 5 users
Corporate – $199/mo – 10 users

Framer X

Framer X is an application that has continued to evolve since it’s inception. Today, designers are able to build functional prototypes and test its usability with ease. Framer X also works hand-in-hand with React, making it a great choice for companies and UI designers who need to stay on top of current development trends and innovations. 

Framer X also allows designers to utilise complete UI kits, through to easily embedding media, grids and other useful components that UI designers will find useful. You can expect a vast variety of continued plugin support for this application too. 

Free – Trial period
Pro – £16/mo
Enterprise – Custom

Framer X

Origami Studio

Origami Studio was build by and for Facebook designers, so you can expect an application that matches beautiful UI and UX every time. Origami Studio was created for experienced UI designers, and packs more features and customisation that the likes of InVision, Sketch and Ideal for users who need a more advanced prototyping application. 

This platform gives users the option to build complete prototypes that are powered by a sophisticated patch editor, giving designers the opportunity to integrate advanced functionality that other prototype applications cannot match. Prototypes created with Origami Studio end up looking and working like a real app or webpage, creating a prototype that looks finished every time. 

Origami Studio also works nicely with Sketch as mentioned above. 

Free (it’s kind of a gift from Facebook!)

Origami Studio


FlowMapp allows UX designers to focus on structure, flow, and corresponding sitemaps, which form the foundation of any UX design. Whilst there are so many platforms that try and combine both UI and UX, FlowMapp dedicates itself to UX only, which is why its such a powerful and focused tool. 

Building user flows and constructing visual sitemaps are the pillars of the FlowMapp application. 

Free – 1 active project
Pro – $8.25 per month – 7 active projects
Team – $27 per month – Unlimited projects
Agency – $110 per month – Unlimited projects, unlimited team members.



Information architecture is just as important as the visual components of design. Treejack allows users to arrange great content in a way that flows and with a structure that maximises its accessibility. 

Treejack specialists in just information architecture, and lets you test tree structures with real users to show a users path and navigation through the content, allowing UX designers to change the organisation of the content. 

Individual Plan: $199 per month
Team Plans: starts at $166 per month per user, great for digital agencies.


Wireframe CC keeps wireframes simple and allows them to communicate just how a design needs to be structured. We’re not going to write too much about this tool, as the first sentence speaks for itself. If you need a simple wireframe tool that quickly gets the job done, you need to take a look at Wireframe.

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