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How to add custom branding to your zoom meetings and waiting rooms.

By now I’m sure we’re all familiar with Zoom, but many companies are missing a good opportunity to add branding to their meetings, waiting rooms, and zoom URL’s. 

Why would you want to add branding? It adds a level of professionalism to your meeting rooms and reinforces your brand to potential clients, candidates or any other type of person you’re ‘virtually meeting’. 

You will need a premium zoom account for this. 

Firstly, let’s take a look at what this looks like. 

1. Branded URL 

All of your meetings will be to this URL, the only difference will be your room ID behind your domain name. 

2. Branded waiting rooms 

With waiting rooms enabled, you’ll give yourself and the team time to all join the meeting – anyone you do not want to admit into the meeting will be in this waiting room. 

3. Advanced branding (you will need some knowledge on HTML & CSS for this) 

How to brand your Zoom platform. 

Step 1: Setting up a custom URL

Before you can add any branding to your zoom room, to need to apply for a vanity URL with Zoom. 

  1. Login and head over to your profile settings (
  2. Navigate to Admin > Account Management > Account Profile 
  3. Find the ‘Vanity URL’ section and hit ‘Apply’

4. Enter your company name (you will be asked to prove you own this company name or domain name, so ensure it matches your company as best you can – you do not need any prefix or suffix such as www. or in this section. 
5. Zoom should approve this in 24 to 48 hours. 
6. Once approved, you will have enabled the ‘branding’ option in the settings. 

Step 2: Setting up custom logos and text

  1. Navigate to either Personal > Settings to change your personal meeting room settings, or navigate to Admin > Account Management > Account Settings to change your meeting room settings for your entire company.
  2. Enable the waiting room (we always recommend this, to prevent anyone entering the meeting room without prior warning).
  3. Click on ‘Customise Waiting Room’ 

4. This will open up a pop-up where you can edit your logo, waiting room greeting and any information you want to add about your company at the bottom. To edit these areas, click the little pen icon. 


  1. Navigate to Admin > Advanced > Branding 
  2. Make amendments to the Landing Page, Header / Footer / Sidebar and CSS tabs depending on what you’d like to edit. You can also customise emails and meeting rooms from here too. 

If you do want to attempt this yourself, look out for the ‘/*customise branding*/‘ text within the landing page tab, there are a few different areas Zoom has pointed out that are easily editable. To change logos, background images etc simply upload these images via the ‘images’ tab, copy and paste the URL once it’s uploaded and replace the image URL in the landing page HTML with the new URL of the image you’ve just uploaded – remember to keep the quotations around the URL. 

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