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Investment & Corporate Finance Salary Guide 2021.

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Our Investment & Corporate Finance Salary Guide for 2021 outlines the minimum, average and top salaries across both front and back office functions including;

  • Debt
  • Infrastructure
  • Corporate Finance & Equities
  • Distribution
  • Investment Support
  • Human Resources / Talent
  • Accountancy & Finance
  • Compliance, Risk & Legal
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Senior Executive Support
  • Digital Development & Technology

Executive Search 
Our Executive Search retainer is the natural choice for hiring firms seeking to make a mission critical appointment at a senior level. VRFS’s executive search service guarantees one of our senior headhunters time and resources, following a tried and tested 25-step approach.

Contingency Search 
Our contingency search service is the traditional ‘payment upon placement’ structure, to which we’ll work to search and select talent to match your requirements and only expect payment upon the successful candidates start date. This is an ideal solution for junior to mid-level hires.

Talent Spotter
We know that many of our clients have an ongoing interest in talent who possess a particular skill set or background. Our Talent Spotting service is a long-term solution which keeps an eye on the market at all times, spotting and highlighting suitable talent as soon as they become active.