Hire Now, Pay Later!

Split your recruitment fee into 6 monthly instalments.

Victoria Recuritment are now pleased to be offering an alternative method of settling your recruitment fee with us. We are excited to have partnered with Playter Pay, following their recent £1m investment, to offer our clients an alternative method of paying for recruitment.

We know that cashflow can sometimes be a barrier to hiring the people you want, and bringing in the talent you need to grow your businesses. Rather than delay hiring plans or using less effective methods of hiring, Playter was designed to fund your hiring costs.

Fuel your growth, hire the talent you deserve.

How does it work?

  1. Get approved. We run a quick check to make sure your business is eligible for the scheme. If accepted, you’ll be able to settle your invoice across 6 monthly instalments, using our partner Playter.
  2. Open Banking. New technology allows banks to communicate with one another seamlessly without sharing any personal information. Our partner Playter will ask your bank if you can afford the fee over a period of 6 months. Rest assured, we cannot see any personal information, nor can our partner Playter.
  3. Hire and start payments. Once you’ve made the hire and your candidate has started, Playter will settle our invoice in full. Your payments will then be made back to Playter Pay over the period of 6 months.

What does it cost?

Our partner Playter simply charge a 10% interest rate on all invoices, this works out to be circa 1.67% per month. For example, on a £6,000 fee you will instead pay £6,600 to spread the payments over 6 months.

The structure?

Month 1: 1/6th of the total fee, VAT and a £50 processing fee.
Month 2-6: 1/6th of the total fee.


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The small print
Playter Pay is an independent finance provider and reserves the right to offer and restrict finance to any organisation within the United Kingdom. You will need to pass Playter Pays soft credit checks and compliance checks before any finance agreements are put in place.